Say Cheese

Dairy-free cheesy deliciousness

The rich, creamy flavor of cheese holds a special allure, but the options in lactose-free cheese can be bland and lackluster. Daiya products (pronounced "day-ah") are a dairy-free dream come true – extraordinary cheese alternatives that deliver the bold flavor, stretch and texture of cheese without compromise. At Daiya Foods, we’re proud to offer a delicious transformation of dairy-free.

And Daiya isn't just about dairy-free living - all of our products are plant-based and free of these top 3 food allergens:


The reinvention of pizza

Try it, and be amazed

An artisan gluten-free pizza crust, with sauce made from imported Italian tomatoes, forms the foundation of our four new flavorful pizzas. Add our stretchy, melty Shreds, along with gourmet toppings, and you have a dairy-, soy- and cholesterol-free food lover’s staple. It’s a decadent dairy-free choice.

We’re just around the corner

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It's easy to forget this is dairy-free cheese

Daiya products taste so delicious that it’s not only easy to forget they’re dairy-free – it’s sometimes hard to believe. But try a hot, gooey grilled Daiya sandwich or a bubbling slice of Daiya-topped pizza and you'll see what we mean. At Daiya, we have put our passion to work in creating cheese alternatives that are easy to enjoy and simple to use in any of your favorite dishes that call for cheese. Give it a try – we’re sure you’re going to love it!