Dairy-free living

Food is glorious. For those who can’t, or choose not to, eat dairy, we believe that food should be every bit as sublime as it is for those who do eat dairy. That’s why we exist – to bring the rich, creamy and delicious taste of dairy to those who are living dairy-free. We’re here to help with non-dairy products and recipe ideas, whether you’ve just started down this path or have been traveling it for a while.

The Daiya advantage

Daiya makes dairy-free eating a joy. Our products taste great and you feel great.

Cheese is such a cultural staple, widely enjoyed in so many ways: on its own, in simple dishes or as part of a complex creation. Our non-dairy alternatives provide the stretch, melt and creamy characteristics of cheese that you desire. So whether you’re dairy-intolerant, allergic, vegan, or simply living a healthy lifestyle, Daiya is the perfect choice.

If you haven’t tried Daiya products yet, we invite you to – and discover what you’ve been missing.